I love it when new technology is here. I really love it when that technology makes my life easier. CNN Money has a story out about a new piece of technology that would allow you to log onto all of your account by just using your eye.

The new product, called EyeLock, made its first appearance on Tuesday in San Francisco and was a big hit. The devise has been touted as the first portable iris scanner on the market. According to CNN:

Here's how it works: The device, which is the size of a standard business card and weighs about four ounces, comes in the form of a USB drive. Once you install the program and decide which applications to EyeLock, you hold the wand-like scanner in front of your eye, and automatically log in to any password-protected site on your computer -- whether it's Facebook, Gmail, PayPal or your bank account.

No password required. You can even keep your glasses on.

They say that the iris scanner is much more safer and could prevent fraud. So what do you think? If the price was right, would you use the iris scanner to log on to all your accounts? Right now they say the device would cost $99. Let us know what you think below.