A motorcyclist led Seminole Police on a chase into the city of Lamesa on Thursday, October 11.

Seminole officers attempted to stop 17-year-old Ronald Banmam for a traffic violation at approximately 11:45 p.m. Banman avoided officers and worked his way to Highway 180. Banman proceeded eastbound on 180 until he reached Dawson County and the City of Lamesa.

The chase ended when Banman tried to make a right onto Iowa Street in Lamesa and laid the motorcycle on its side. According to Seminole Police, the lead patrol car did make contact with Banman’s motorcycle but did not strike his body.

EMS responded and treated Banman for minor scrapes and abrasions from the fall and was transported to Dawson County Jail for arraignment.

Banman was booked into the Gaines County Jail on charges of Evading Arrest with a motor vehicle and Driving while intoxicated.