Some incoming teachers in Florida could be at risk of not getting a teaching job if they don't make the grade. Florida lawmakers wants teachers to get higher grades on certification tests in some subjects like science. Some people aren't too happy about this because it could lead to less teachers being certified because the standards would be higher for teachers. According to WFTV:

Andrew Spar represents the 4,400 teachers in Volusia County. He said the new standards don't guarantee the best teachers.

"What's worse, in my opinion, is having a classroom that has a substitute because we haven't been able to get a teacher who is certified and capable of being in that classroom," said Spar.

Last year more than 1,000 people passed the certification test to teach biology in grades six through 12. With the new standards, only 250 are expected to make the grade.

Richard Sharkey's daughter will have to take those tough tests before taking a job in Titusville.

"We need to make sure the students that are coming up through, they are teachers they can really look up to and respect their knowledge," said Sharkey.

What do you think about this? Any problem with teachers having to pass tougher tests or get higher grades in order to get into the classroom? Personally, I have no problems with the higher standards at all.