Results from a community-wide effort have been released.

Imagine Lubbock Together released the results of their Vision Summit, which they held on October 18th.

The summit had 754 participants, who weighed in on their priorities for Lubbock, as well as what they were dissatisfied with in the Hub City.

The group listed specific categories and what was important to attendees within that category. For partnerships, groups found that water was the most important, followed by government and community spirit. Education and safety ranked highly for people, and for places, downtown was prioritized heavily, followed by the City’s development patterns.

For themselves, participants held prosperity and people highly-ranked. For the City, they held prosperity and partnerships in high priority.

As for other questions, the group found that 25 percent of attendees were in Lubbock due to their job, and 25 percent have always been here.

Thirty-five percent said they were “somewhat satisfied” with the quality of life offered by Lubbock, and 41 percent said they stay in Lubbock due to family and friends, followed by 30 percent citing their job.

Sixty-two percent of attendees said they believe the water supply will be the top issue facing Lubbock 20 years from now. Forty-six percent also say they are unsatisfied with the availability of quality jobs in Lubbock.

As for anomalies in the findings, Imagine Lubbock Together found that 20 to 24 year-olds were disproportionately the most satisfied of all groups with quality of life, placed the highest priority on biking and walking, but were most unsatisfied with a “feeling of safety” and the “availability of quality jobs.”

The Vision Summit marked the end of the brainstorming phase of Imagine Lubbock Together, and the group plans to take the prioritized goals and principles to help work to create a strategic plan for Lubbock’s future.

The group says that the next phase, the Lubbock Charrette, will further integrate the community’s vision into components of the strategic plan.

According to a press release, a “charrette is a multi-disciplinary activity that brings together the ACP Visioning and Planning/Dover-Kohl consulting team and Lubbock citizens to draft the plan.

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