Imagine Lubbock Together held an informational meeting on Tuesday night giving members of the community an update on the process. The goal of the meeting was to share information on the different partnerships that had formed with Imagine Lubbock Together.

Around 75 citizens attended the meeting with much of the same information from previous meetings being passed along on Tuesday. Imagine Lubbock Together reiterated the 8 key element areas of focus.

Arts and Culture, Basic and Fundamental Services, Beautification and Image, Downtown Lubbock, Economic Development, Education, Neighborhoods, and Entertainment and Recreation are the key areas of focus for Imagine Lubbock Together which was formed three years ago by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce. The chamber spent nearly $500,000 on the effort to pay for consultants and other costs dealing with the organization.

While organization talks about improving Lubbock as a whole, much of the focus seems to be on Downtown Redevelopment. During the meeting representatives of Imagine Lubbock Together talked about different plans for downtown and what it could look like in the future. One representative spoke about how they would like to see the Lubbock Police Station moved out of downtown in order to get that property back on the tax rolls.

Much of what was discussed was about balancing the wants and needs of a growing city. Connie Wharton, committee chair of Imagine Lubbock Together told the AJ that "if we only provides basic services, then it's not going to be a very good community to live in".

Wharton also said that the goal is to get people to "live, work, and play in downtown".

Another idea that is being discussed by Imagine Lubbock and the chamber is the creation of a Retail Attraction Committee. This organization would be tasked with attempting to lure retail shops and restaurants to Lubbock. This organization would be separate from LEDA who is prevented by state law from going after and attracting retail business to the city.