Well, I now sound like my father or maybe my grandfather. I remember growing up and adults blaming MTV for what's wrong in society. Back then, it was only music and the Real World on MTV. Now MTV has shows that could face child porn laws. So, is MTV really to blame? (more after the jump)This morning on the show I had Dan Isett from the Parents Television Council on to talk about MTV's newest show, 'Skins'. The show has actors ages 15-18 doing drugs, sexual activity, and more. 'Skins' could also be in trouble for violating child pornography laws. Oops. You can listen to the audio here.

The actors of the show say it's how teens act these days. Is it? I don't want to talk about just that one show here though because there is much more on MTV than just 'Skins'.

Another hit show, unfortunately it's a hit, is '16 and Pregnant'. In this show MTV follows a few teen girls around after they were knocked up. To those with a brain, it shows how tough it can be being a teen mother. To those who aren't too smart, it shows that you can get knocked up and possibly be on TV.

MTV for a while now has liked pushing the line. But, who's to blame for that? Obviously, people are watching and it's not just kids. Is MTV to blame for teens acting stupid?

Yes and no. Sure, MTV has influence and they decide what to put on the air. However, at the end of the day it's up to the parents to monitor their kids. MTV does have influence, but the way our society is also influences how far MTV can go. Let's be honest, if these child porn allegations weren't around, no one would care about the show 'Skins'. It would just be another show about dumb kids doing stupid things.

I guess the whole point of this is, don't just blame the media outlet. It's time for parents and all of us to take responsibility.