Today, the Board of Directors for the High Plains Underground Water Conversation District Number 1 (HPWD) met and took no action on proposed rule changes concerning a set of rules called '50/50'.

After the meeting HPWD  General Manager Jim Conkwright talked about the inaction taken by the board, "There was an unfounded rumor circulating earlier in the week that the High Plains Water District’s Board of Directors planned to adopt rules amendments at the May 17 meeting. This was completely false."

Conkwright continued, "In addition, staff members are closely watching progress of water-related legislation during the remaining days of the regular session of the 82nd Texas Legislature to see if there are any impacts to the desired future conditions process. The legislative process has also kept the district’s attorneys busy and we were not able to complete the revisions by the May 17 meeting as planned".

There is the possibility of the HPWD board considering rule changes later this year in June.

If that happens, the proposed rule changes would be made available for public review on the HPWD's website at

The HPWD would also hold public hearings to receive feedback on proposed changes in both the northern and southern portions of the district.

The '50/50' water management goal would keep 50 percent of current water levels in the Ogallala Aquifer in 50 years.