The Olympics are well underway and we have seen some great competition in the past few days. NBC has many channels dedicated to Olympic coverage, but that hasn't stopped the criticism aimed at NBC and the decisions they make when to air certain sports. According to the Washington Post:

But this sport has come into its own with the 2012 Games, which, as others have noted, marks the first year that competitors have been able to widely use Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites to score points on NBC. Ironically, it also marks the first year that NBC has made available to fans a live-stream of virtually every competition in the 16-day event (not including Opening Ceremonies day).

The Reporters Who Cover Television are among the sport’s most avid fans.

Time magazine’s TV critic, for instance, tweeted that “NBC tape delay coverage is like the airlines: its interest is in giving you the least satisfactory service you will still come back for.”

NBC’s Games exec producer Jim Bell responded: “You do know that all sports events are being streamed live right?” (NBC has been streaming all the competition live for die-hard enthusiasts, though it’s not archiving the streams until after that particular competition airs in prime time. In other words, viewers who want to watch it live can watch it via NBC’s app, so long as they are cable or satellite subscribers, after which they have to wait to see it broadcast on NBC in prime time.)

“I do, indeed! Have enjoyed it,” replied the TV critic, James Poniewozik, though he’d forgotten to include “enjoyed it” in his original tweet about NBC’s lousy service — darned that pesky 140-character limit!

But, Poniewozik added: “Apparently a lot of folks still prefer watching it on TV.”

I've seen a lot of posts on Facebook and Twitter with people complaining that the games have been spoiled because of news reports and posts that have given the results in real time. What have you thought about the Olympic coverage? Let us know what you think in today's LFN Poll of the Day.