Although we're in denial, the fact is that back to school time is here. One of the things that means is back to school lunches for our kids.

We talked with Brenda Duby with the United Supermarket families about how to build a better lunchbox this school year for our kiddos.

I remember my sack lunches in school consisted of a peanut butter and grape jelly (yuck!) sandwich with an apple, invariably dropped into the sack on my sandwich so it squished the jelly and was just gross.

Thank goodness in 2015 we have wonderful alternatives for food and ways to transport it to school.

Lunch boxes with compartments are a great way to keep foods separate but in the same container. You will also want to include protein such as cheese, nuts, lunch meat or boiled eggs in your kid's lunch. Include veggies like slices of cucumber or grape tomatoes. Top it off with a piece of fruit, like plums, which are delicious this season, tangelos or grapes.

For something sweet, throw in a granola bar or fig bar. Your kids will love it.

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