For 33 consecutive days gas prices have been on the increase in the United States. For many the spike in prices have come at the worst time. Americans have seen their paychecks get smaller while gas rises. And if you think it will get better anytime soon, the Wall Street Journal says think again.

Spring hasn’t yet sprung, but gasoline prices already are in high gear.

Moreover, those who think increased supplies mean lower prices will likely get run over.

Futures prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange have zoomed to their highest levels since late September on concerns that seasonal refinery maintenance will reduce production and drive up prices, as more drivers take to the roads when the weather warms.

Reformulated gasoline blendstock futures for March delivery jumped more than 8 cents a gallon Thursday to $3.1166 a gallon, while April fuel prices top March levels by 19 cents a gallon.

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