Governor Rick Perry dropped out of the Presidential election yesterday and endorsed Newt Gingrich. The rise and fall of Rick Perry is something that people will be looking at for a long time. When Perry entered the race, he was quickly polling at the top of the pack. About a month in to the race, Perry started free-falling. Five months later, it was all over. What went wrong? That's something that pundits across the state are analyzing and writing about this morning. We will discuss it on the show this morning as well. Clearly, Perry wasn't ready for debating on the big stage. Immigration and HPV vaccines didn't help either.

There is also another question people have been asking. Is Rick Perry weaker now? Texans love to win and hate to lose. Rick Perry lost... big time. In fact it was an embarrassing loss. For a while Perry was branded as not being conservative enough, especially on immigration. Today we want to know what you think. Do you think Rick Perry's run for President actually weakened him politically here in Texas?