At an event at the 50 Yard Line headlined by State Representative Charles Perry, Governor Rick Perry appeared refreshed, and energized, as he spoke for 20 minutes about his Texas Budget Compact initiative. The Governor said, "I want to hit the reset button, so to speak, on our budgeting process in the state, and this is one of the ways to do it: Truth in Budgeting. Don't allow for fees that are raised for one purpose to be used for something else."

The governor also wants a stricter Constitutional limit for biennial spending increases in the state budget, he is opposing any new taxes, wants to preserve the Rainy Day Fund and cut unnecessary agencies.

Governor Perry said this is to keep Texas at the top of national economy and drive business growth, "The reason I share those (points) with you is because that's the type of continual focus that we have to have to improve the (business) environment in the state. We can't just go back to Austin prop our feet up on the desk because CEO Magazine said 'you were number one' and whistle "Thank God We're Country Boys" and think we're going to stay there.  We have to continue to be looking for ways to make Texas more competitive."

During the governor's appearances today in Pampa and Lubbock, he endorsed State Representatives Jim Landtroop and Charles Perry in their respective GOP Primary races.