Governor Rick Perry still doesn't support expanding gambling in the State of Texas. This is one issue where I disagree with Gov. Perry and others who don't support casino's and slot machines at racetracks.

We already have gambling in Texas. We have bingo halls, horse tracks, the Texas Lotto, and if you go around most businesses around March Madness, I bet (get it?) you'll see some employees filling out their brackets.

So what is the big deal about having slot machines at the horse tracks and letting casinos open up? I haven't heard the Governor ever really give a reason. He just says that he doesn't support it. Today my co-host, Rex Andrew, said that social conservatives don't like it. Again though, he couldn't say why.

I'm sure it's because of a Religious issue, and sure I can understand that argument, but we already have gambling. It's nothing new.

Right now, Texas is losing millions to New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Louisiana every year. They have casinos and Texans flock to them. Why not keep the money here in Texas?

I support casinos in Texas and hope that one day we will get them. It's a form of entertainment and will help raise revenue for the State. I don't see it happening this year, but maybe within 10 years our politicians will wake up and see that it's not that bad of an idea.