On the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty Show Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad Hasty about the latest national and state-wide issues.


Mackowiak said that right now, Romney has some serious momentum thanks to his performance in last week's presidential debate. Polls across the nation are showing that Romney is faring much better now that he had previously.

This week, we're going to start seeing battleground states polling. And I think that's going to show Romney either slightly ahead or just slightly behind, which is a much better position than he has been.

Mackowiak said that, in order to maintain this momentum, it's more important than ever for Romney to highlight the differences between himself and Obama.

Mackowiak also talked about this week's vice presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. Mackowiak said that, although he is confident Ryan will do well, Biden is a very strong debater, so this might not be the kind of "grand slam" for Ryan as it was for Romney.

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