On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad Hasty about the latest state and national news.

The 2014 Texas Republican Party Convention took place in Fort Worth, Texas last week. One of the major issues up for for contention at the convention was the party's immigration platform. Texas Solution offered up a more streamlined guest worker program in its immigration platform, but it was ultimately turned down for what some are calling a more "hard-line" approach to immigration.

Mackowiak said it's apparent there is some division within the Republican Party on the immigration issue. But despite that, he added that he does not expect this new platform to cause a lot of damage to Republicans, seeing it instead as more of a "missed opportunity" for the party.

"This is very different from the Rubio bill that passed the United States Senate, much more streamlined that that, much more focused...I don't know if it's going to do any real damage, the Democrats are going to hate it, but I think it's more of a missed opportunity for the Republican party of Texas, through the platform, to really be forward looking."

Mackowiak also shared his thoughts on the Texas Lieutenant Governor's race between Dan Patrick and Leticia Van de Putte, saying that Van de Putte will have to overcome a lot of hurdles in order to make the Lt. Gov's race truly competitive.

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