On the Monday edition of the Chad Hasty Show Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad Hasty about the latest national and state-wide issues.

Mackowiak said that the fiscal cliff is a tough situation, and that even though both sides are talking, they are still on opposite ends of the spectrum. However, Mackowiak believes that raising taxes is not the solution to the fiscal cliff problem.

"I'm someone who believes raising taxes is bad for the economy, bad for individuals, and just leads to increased spending by the government, which is not what we need today. That said, I think Republicans are in a pickle right now. We've got to get a deal on the fiscal cliff, and if we go over it and Republicans get blamed for it, it could be disastrous."

In statewide issues, Mackowiak said that it is very likely that current Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus will probably win re-election. He mentioned that while opposition against Straus was more organized this year, it still may not be enough for opponent Bryan Hughes to win. Mackowiak also speculated that the Texas Dream Act and sanctuary cities will be hotly contested items in the upcoming session of the state legislature.

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