On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad Hasty about the latest state and national news.

Last week, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor suffered a huge upset when he lost the Republican primary in Virginia to challenger David Brat. Mackowiak explained that the results were completely unexpected by all parties, and that a unique set of circumstances created a "perfect storm" for Brat to win the nomination. He added that there were 2 lessons that Cantor's district wanted to send in this election.

"I really think that district wanted to send 2 messages in that race. One, they wanted to send the message that their Congressman had essentially lost touch with their district. And secondly, I think they wanted to send the message that they're not happy with incumbents in Washington. And that's even more true for those folks that are in leadership. It's a very tough time to be a leader in Congress, and I think Cantor sort of paid the price for that."

Despite this, Mackowiak also added that the results of the Cantor race were an outlier and are not applicable to other midterm races, as many incumbents such as Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell have retained their offices in their respective primaries.

Mackowiak also spoke about Governor Rick Perry's recent comments comparing homosexuality to alcoholism. Mackowiak said that homosexuality is still a "dicey" issue for politicians to discuss due to the deep division between supports and detractors of gay marriage. Mackowiak also shared his thoughts on the latest developments with the Wendy Davis campaign.

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