On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show Matt Mackowiak, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com, talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on statewide and nationwide.

In the Texas Legislature, things have been slowly picking up after a brief recess last week. Mackowiak said one of the most important things that will occur this week will be senators drawing for 2 year and 4 year terms, and he explained why these drawing were so important.

"You've got 4 or 5 state senators that would like to run for statewide office in 2014. And if you have a 4-year term, it's essentially a free shot. You get to stay in the state senate, win or lose. If you lose, you get to keep that job in the interim period...if they get 4-year terms, they're going to be much more likely to give a strong look at running statewide.

Mackowiak also discussed the possibility of campus carry being brought up in the legislative session. He said that campus carry is something that is brought up in nearly every session, and that the make up for this session appears to be quite favorable to campus carry, but it will still be a close decision if it is indeed brought up.

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