On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, GOP strategist and co-founder of MustReadTexas.com Matt Mackowiak talked with Chad Hasty about the latest going on nationally and statewide.

Tomorrow night, President Obama will be delivering his State of the Union address before Congress. Mackowiak said he expected this address to put some "meat on the bones" of Obama's inaugural address, and will most likely bring up topics such as gun control, immigration, and the economy, but probably not anything on job creation. Not surprisingly, Mackowiak expects the address to be extremely liberal and that Obama wouldn't be concerned with trying to reach out to Republicans.

"Now that [Obama] is re-elected, he's completely free, and he has flexibility, and he can do what he wants. So I just don't think he's likely to move to the middle and really show any reaching out to Republicans. I mean, he certainly could, he could mention Marco Rubio by name and talk about immigration. He could mention Eric Cantor by name and talk about his speech this past week...so that remains to be seen whether he does really reach out to Republicans and try to find a way to bridge the gap."

After the State of the Union address, Marco Rubio will be delivering the GOP response. Rand Paul will also deliver a Tea Party response, though Mackowiak said it wasn't really necessary and that Rubio represents the Tea Part just as well as anyone else. Mackowiak also talked about last week's school finance decision, saying that the final decision wasn't really a surprise, and that all we can do now is wait to see what the Texas Supreme Court says on the matter.

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