Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. GOP Debate (link)

Another GOP Debate was held over the weekend and it was an important one for those in Iowa. On Saturday the GOP contenders got together for the 12th GOP Debate and one of the last before the Iowa Caucuses on January 3rd. On Monday, we will discuss the debate and take your calls on who you think did well. Of course Newt Gingrich was attacked by everyone on all types of issues. Governor Rick Perry even brought up the affairs and marriages. If you watch the debate, what did you think?

2. Google and National Security (link)

Is Google compromising National Security without really knowing it? Some say yes.

At Google Maps, anyone can search for the names of military bases and zoom in to see airstrips and possibly even top-secret military drones like the RQ-170 Sentinel lost in Iran last week. Aviation website Flight Global has done just that, and claims to have found the secret airstrip at Yucca Lake, Nev., used for testing the RQ-170.

The Google Maps site shows satellite images of either a Predator or Reaper drone on the airstrip, although Flight Global says the RQ-170 was tested there as well -- information that’s surely of interest to the Iranian military, said Cedric Leighton, a retired Air Force colonel.

Sure enough, other Nevada military bases at the Tonopah Test Range like the Creech Air Force Base are also viewable at Google Maps. With this information, anyone -- even foreign military -- can look up satellite images to inspect secret U.S. spy planes.

“Google is making public what was once the sole province of the military and intelligence community, making this a brave new world for the intel agencies as well,” he said.

Google did not return requests for comments.

The largely unknown RQ-170 drone from Lockheed Martin made headlines in recent days when it was lost in western Iran. Experts say the drone is the most advanced model yet with high-definition cameras, sensors that can scan for nuclear armaments, and an advanced stealth shell that hides the plane from detection.

Should military bases be blurred out on Google? What do you think of this interesting development between technology and the military?

3. An ugly end (link)

A college basketball got ugly in the last seconds of the game and it wasn't because of the score. Xavier and Cincinnati are huge rivals in college basketball and this weekend the worst came out from both teams.

An ugly brawl erupted with 9.4 seconds left in the game. Benches cleared, fists flew. Xavier's senior All-America guard Tu Holloway readily admitted afterward that he was taunting Cincinnati players and coaches in front of Cincinnati's bench, as the clock wound down. What ensued was a basketball brawl as ugly as any in memory. At one point, Xavier center Kenny Frease emerged from the pile on all fours, blood dripping from a gash below his left cheek, courtesy of a punch thrown by Cincinnati forward Yancy Gates.

The referees stopped the game at that point. There will be suspensions, though nothing had been announced as of 6 p.m. Saturday. Expect Holloway, Gates, Cincinnati center Cheikh Mbodj and possibly Xavier freshman forward Dez Wells to be suspended, possibly for multiple games.

Mbodj is seen in video stepping on Frease after he was down; Wells shoved a UC player early in the fight.

Some of the people involved deserve to be thrown off the team. This also doesn't help the perception that basketball is a thug sport.

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