Friday on Lubbock's First News, Mayor Glen Robertson talked about major points covered during the December 19 City Council meeting.

Robertson discussed the controversial change of the decision to broadcast citizen comments. Unless a citizen signed up prior to the meeting, the comments will not be broadcast on Channel 2. The change is a result of the reenactment of a rule established in 2005 that was not enforced until now. Robertson felt "things have just recently been getting out of hand with citizen comments." He said he waited a few months to enact it because "We had some issues we needed to work through as a council. Quite frankly, we need to set the example."

Robertson also commented on the vote to get rid of the confidentiality on the purchase power agreement. The document will now be open to the public. The city is still looking for a way to work together with Texas Tech University to benefit Lubbock. One way this will occur is through the a college student recruitment program. The city will provide monetary support that will help fund the program's efforts to recruit new student leaders for Texas Tech. Robertson said, "The thought process there is that each Tech kids spends $20,000 a year in Lubbock and we get the tax revenues off of that."

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