Friday on Lubbock's First News, Christi Baker, product manager for Girl Scouts of Texas and Oklahoma Plains, described the fall products Girl Scout's will be selling through the first part of November.

The Girl Scouts are selling Ashton Farms products. These include butter toasted peanuts, gummy snacks, and chocolate-covered almonds.The items are $6 to $8. The sale today is a friends and family sale. However, they will be selling these products until November 15 and may be contacted to place an order. Each troop that sells products raises funds that go toward various efforts. Baker said, "A lot of them do take action projects in community, some use it to work on their higher awards... and we have new troops starting; so it's great start up funds..." Baker noted that cookie sales will begin January 24.

They may be contacted at 806-745-2855.

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