It's been a while since I've been in Girl Scouts, but I'm pretty sure there's not a badge for vigilante justice. If there were, however, these young ladies have earned it.

In Houston, a Girl Scout troop was robbed when thieves tried to make off with their cash box at a cookie sale. The thieves got away with nearly $200, but not before two brave scouts tired to stop the thieves themselves.

Little Iravia and Rachel were not about to give up their money without a fight. They ran to the car, where the thief and his accomplice, the driver, were trying to make a run for it. "I started hitting the boy that was in the passenger seat," Iravia recalls. "So I think he learned his lesson a little bit."

Despite their bravery, the girls will be held responsible for the $200 stolen. Although I don't necessarily condone vigilante justice,  I do applaud these little girls for having the guts to go after the thieves.  And a quick note to the thieves: if you've sunk to stealing from cute little Girl Scouts, just go ahead and turn yourselves in to the police. Your criminal career is done.