Ever wanted to try your hand at being a pro photographer, but didn't have the cash to spend on a fancy, high-end camera? Easy, just use your smartphone. The prevalence of high-quality smartphone camera makes it easy for anyone to take up photography on their phones. But if you really want to go the extra mile, you'll want to get yourself some photo editing apps.

There are tons of photo editing apps to choose from, from your more professional editors to fun little apps that make your pictures looks like comic books or photo booth printouts. Here's just a few of my favorite photo editing apps. By the way, all apps are free to download unless otherwise mentioned.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

If you're a fan of the Adobe brand of design programs, you'll want to check out Photoshop Touch. The app includes a number of familiar Photoshop features, like the Magic Wand and the Clone Brush, and also offers a wide variety of filters and the ability to edit your photo in layers, just like the full-scale version of Photoshop.

Admittedly, the small size of most smartphones isn't exactly ideal for this sort of photo editing, and I found it odd that, despite all the features Photoshop has to offer, they didn't include a red-eye corrector, which should be a standard for most any photo editor. Nevertheless, if you're an Adobe fan like me, it's worth checking out. You can get Photoshop Touch for $4.99.


This app really needs no introduction, but I'll give it one anyway. At it's most basic, Instagram allows you to put fun filters on your smartphone photos and share them with your friends. Unfortunately, the actual editing capabilities for Instagram is quite small compared to other photo editors I've seen.

But the real draw of Instagram is the social aspect. There'a huge emphasis on sharing your photos with your friends via Twitter, Tumblr and other social media hubs. And since joining the "Facebook family," it's easier than ever to share your creations with your friends. It's not the most comprehensive photo editor out there, but it's simplicity and ease of sharing photos with others makes it one of the most popular photo editing apps on the market.


On the surface, Snapseed operates much the same way as Instagram; it allow you to edit your photos and share them with your friends. But while Instagram focuses more on the social aspect, Snapseed's focus is on actual photo editing. And boy, does it do a good job of editing!

There are a ton of features that help you perfect your photos, from your standard brightness, contrast and red-eye fixing tools, to special effect filters like "Drama" and "Grunge" and "Vintage." And thanks to Snapseed's clean and simple interface, it's easy to navigate through the myriad of features this app has to offer. This is one of the best, most comprehensive photo editors out there, and definitely worth a look if you're serious about your photos.