So I've been seeing a lot of different articles and hearing plenty of people claiming that tablets are going to replace laptops in X number of years. In my opinion, tablets are still quite a long ways away from replacing laptops completely. At this point, there's still plenty of things you can do on a laptop that you just can't do yet on a tablet. So that begs the question - which is better: a laptop or a tablet? The answer is really not so much which one is better than the other, but which one better suits your needs. Here's my run down on laptops and tablets, and the pros and cons of each.


At this point, laptops can still boast one major advantage over tablet computers: power. Despite how far tablets have come in these few years, they still can't quite measure up to the raw processing power you can find in a laptop. And all that power makes for a far easier time multitasking of a laptop, as well as taking on bigger projects like video and photo editing and PC gaming. (though in all honesty, a proper desktop computer is really the way to go for PC gaming...) But it's not just the laptop itself that has superior power: it's also the software. Sure, tablets have access to apps that can do just about anything nowadays, but just like with tablet itself, it's nowhere near as powerful as the software you can get with a laptop. Also having a larger screen and a built-in keyboard certainly doesn't hurt.

Of course, all this power comes at a price. Laptops and the software that comes with it can be very pricey, especially if you're looking at a high-end model. You can easily spend over $1,000 just getting it all set up. Also, while laptops are still considered to be portable, they're not quite as easy to take around with you as a tablet. It may not seem like much, but a 9-pound laptop can get pretty heavy if you lug it around on your back all day. So for casual users, a laptop may not be worth the investment.


Tablets have become one of the most ubiquitous portable devices on the market, and with good reason. They are incredibly convenient, lightweight . They boasts an intuitive and easy to use touch screen and have access to a staggering number of different apps for just about anything you could ask for. It's a lot easier to whip out your tablet on, say, a long trip and start reading your books or watching your movies instantly. Another major thing tablets have going for them is the price. It's far more affordable to purchase a $200- $300 tablet when you compare it to paying two or three times as much for a high-end laptop. It's no surprise to see why tablets have become the preferred mobile device of choice for many.

But tablets aren't perfect. As I mentioned before, there's just some major tasks that tablets can't take on, like in-depth video editing. Also, tablets to tend be a bit more fragile than their laptop counterparts. It's far easier to damage a tablet, and should that touch screen become damaged, even with a protective case, it could render the device useless very quickly.

Which is right for you?

As with any device, the right choice depends on what you need out of the device. If you're just looking for something to keep you amused with movies, games and books, you may be better off with a tablet. But if you need to get some major work done, a laptop may be your preferred mobile computer of choice. In other words, tablets are better for more play and less work, while laptops are better for more work and less play. Whichever device you choose, just remember to do your homework first and make an informed decision.