No matter where I go, I've got to have my favorite songs along with me. And with smartphones, it's easier than ever to have all your music available whenever you want. But if you're like me and have more songs that your phone can hold, or if you're looking for something a little different, there are plenty of apps available to listen to the music you love, or find new songs to love. Here are my picks for some of the best music-based apps for iPhone and Android phones.


I've talked about Pandora in the Geek Girl Report before, but it's such an awesome service that it's worth mentioning again. Pandora allows you to, in essence, create your own custom radio station on your computer using only the music you like. It's also incredibly useful for discovering new music, again based on songs you like listening to. The mobile version of Pandora works just the same as the desktop version, and will also let you purchase some songs directly onto your phone. Pandora is free for both iPhone and Android, but if you want the ad-free experience, you can subscribe to Pandora One for $3.99 a month.


If you like your radio on the go, iHeartRadio may be just for you. This app allows you to tune in to over 1500 different radio stations from across the country. iHeartRadio also lets you create your own custom radio station, based on the artists you listen to the most. So if you want to create your own country/hip-hop hybrid radio channel, for example, go right ahead. Think of it as another version of Pandora, but using actual radio stations. iHeartRadio is free on both iPhone and Android phones.

And while we're talking about radio, don't forget that you can always get your favorite KFYO programs streaming live on your mobile phone through the RadioPup app, available on both iPhone and Android phones.


Ever been listening to a song on the radio that you really like, but didn't catch the title or the artist? Shazam can help with that. This really cool app allows you to identify whatever song you're listening to, and lets you buy it instantly. Shazam also has LyricPlay, which pulls up the lyrics of the song in real time; an instant sing-along, if you will. But Shazam isn't limited to just music, you can also get more information about some of your favorite TV shows as well. Shazam is free on both iPhones and Android phones, and the premium version Shazam Encore is available for $4.99 a year.


For my Android users out there, hands-down the best music player on the market has to be DoubleTwist. It's easy to use and navigate, and comes with a ton of nifty features, such as a built-in radio and a Podcast Directory to help you locate your favorite podcasts. DoubleTwist is also compatible with AirPlay, ($4.99 extra) which lets you wirelessly and seamlessly sync up your music collection on your Android with your desktop. It's basically the closest you can get to iTunes on an Android. DoubleTwist is free, and exclusively on the Android market.