Friday on The Chad Hasty Show, Gary Boren, candidate for judge on the Lubbock County Commissioners Court, joined the show to talk about allegations by opponent Karen Gibson in the GOP primary race.

Boren addressed Gibson's accusations that he cut a deal with the U.S. attorney to resign instead of being prosecuted for his dealings with Ted Parker. He responded to questions from Hasty. Speaking about the nature of the allegations, Boren said:

That's a decade ago, that's why people don't sort of register this stuff. It's a decade ago, there was no results of anything bad, or anything like that. That's why I said, these are nothing but...imaginations of a city hall politician, which is typical in the city politics, that's desperate, trying to see what mud she can throw and see what will stick, and hopefully get some kind of traction. And I can tell you that none of it's truthful.

Listen to the entire interview with Gary Boren in the video above.

More information about Gary Boren is available on his Facebook page. You may hear yesterday's interview with Karen Gibson here.

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