Doctors at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth complied with a court order on Sunday by ending life support for a brain-dead, pregnant woman. According to WFAA-TV, life support for Marlise Muñoz was ended yesterday morning just before 12 Noon.

The Marlise Muñoz saga started last year when she was found unconscious by her husband, Erick, in November. She was 14 weeks pregnant at the time of the collapse and rushed to the hospital.  Muñoz had been kept on life support for a number of weeks but was non-responsive.

Erick Muñoz had filed a lawsuit against the hospital seeking to end the life support for his wife. Judge R.H. Wallace agreed with Muñoz's filing and issued an order to the hospital last Friday.

The attorneys for Erick Muñoz, Heather King and Jessica Janicek, issued a statement on Sunday after the life support was pulled:  "The Muñoz and Machado families will now proceed with the somber task of laying Marlise Muñoz’s body to rest, and grieving over the great loss that has been suffered. May Marlise Muñoz finally rest in peace, and her family find the strength to complete what has been an unbearably long and arduous journey."