On Thursday's edition of Lubbock's First News, James Miller, former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission, talked with Chad Hasty and Rex Andrew about why the Internet should not be regulated.

Miller said that one on the big dangers of Internet regulations is that companies are the ones asking for the regulation. He said companies are claiming that larger competitors, such as Google, are "unfair competition" and want to use the government's authority to level the playing field. However, Miller warned that government regulations of the Internet would hurt not only the big business, but everyone who uses the Internet for commerce.

Just because you're successful, and somebody comes in and says 'Hey, it's unfair that they succeed and we don't,' that's not a reason for the government to get involved.

Miller said that one of the great strengths of the Internet is is the vast number of options available to the user for things such as e-commerce and search engines. To ensure the freedom of the Internet, Miller believes it is important that users have the freedom to decide which services they will or will not use, and not let the government "pick winners and losers" for them.

Miller also talked about where each political party falls on the issue of regulation. According to Miller, the Obama administration supports more regulation of the Internet, while the Republicans are against it.