On Friday's edition of Lubbock's First News, former District 4 city councilman Paul Beane spoke with KFYO News's Allen Corbin and Cole Shooter about some of the comments he made concerning the city council during yesterday's show.

Referring to his comments yesterday, Beane mentioned a few other council members he enjoyed serving with, such as councilwoman Karen Gibson, and former mayors Tom Martin and Jim Granberry. He also responded to Brian Carr's accusation that Beane called him a liar, saying that he did not call Carr a liar outright, just that he lied about the city's health department closing down. Beane firmly stated that he stands by everything he said yesterday.

I've always thought that if somebody asks me a question, like Rex did yesterday, I think they deserve an answer. And I think the deserve a claer, concise and honest answer, and that's what I gave them. And I stand by what I said yesterday, and I'll stand by it a year from today, and a decade from today.

Beane also talked about Mayor Glen Robertson, saying that Robertson might run into some trouble on the city council due to him not having as much experience. He also predicted that Jim Gilbreath would be the next candidate to run for mayor in 2014, saying that he feels Gilbreath is not done with his civic duty.

Beane also talked about a possible tax and cost of living increase for Lubbock under the new council, and who he thinks belongs on a political "ring of honor."