Want to own a piece of history? If you have enough money, you could actually own Air Force One. Not the current model, but a former version of Air Force One. According to the Daily Caller, the plane that used to fly presidents and vice presidents is for sale.

A government owned plane that has been used to fly presidents and vice presidents around the world is for sale, according to a government auction website.

“Presidential history for sale! Former Air Force One/Two DC-9 up for auction,” the official Twitter account for the U.S. General Services Administration tweeted Thursday.

Bidding on the auction websitefor the DC-9 aircraft starts at $50,000 and opens May 15.

Air Force One is the air traffic control sign for whichever Air Force plane is carrying the president.

The website also says the plane, located at an airport in Phoenix, was a former Air Force Two plane, meaning it also carried the vice president.

You have to admit, owning this plane would be pretty cool.