This time of the year, most of us eat sausage balls and fudge for our main sources of fiber and nutrition. And that, ultimately, doesn't do a body good.

We talked with Robin Hawkins with United Supermarkets about how to keep our bodies performing at peak levels during the busy and stressful holiday season.

The main way she says, is not to forget the 'forgotten fruits and vegetables' of winter and their benefits to our health.

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    Pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, fiber and other antioxidants. Plus, you can absolutely eat the seeds. Try them on yogurt or a salad. Oh, and the juice is delicious.

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    These are high in the champion of our immune systems (read: Vitamin C) and fiber. Just check with your doctor to make sure you're not taking any medications that will impact grapefruit's benefits.

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    Radishes are rich in fiber and also anti-fungal, which means they're super good for your gut. Radishes also add some zip to salads.

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    Tart and tangy, this little fruit packs a punch with flavor, vitamin C and antioxidants.

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    Turnips get a bad rap because they just don't smell that good when you're cooking them and sometimes they are bitter. But add a little grass-fed butter to them and it's cut all that bitterness.

    Turnips and their greens are also chock full of fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants.

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