This week's episode of Weird & Wonderful West Texas takes us to Ransom Canyon to a home that's been called the Flintstone House, Rock House and Lollipop House.

This house, built by Mark Lawson, has earned many names over the years. But whatever you call it, it's definitely even harder to describe.

According to Lubbock Online, when Lawson bought the land years ago, he asked his neighbor, who happened to be renown architect Robert Bruno, if he would help him design and build a home.

Bruno said no, that his time was being spent building his own home: the steel house located right down the street.

So Lawson set about coming up with a plan on building something different. Exactly what that different something would be wouldn't come to fruition for several years.

Lawson finally decided that he wanted the lines and aesthetics to mimic the way a tree grows: Fluid, rounded and free were Lawson's major goals in the process of incorporating 460 tons of rock, brightly colored tiles and glass.

The home, which was featured during the Ransom Canyon Tour of Homes in 2013, remains unfinished and uninhabited. It's really a shame; something so unique and grand deserves to be lived in and enjoyed.