Let’s admit it; it’s going to take more than an afternoon walk to get us in shape for summer. For most of us, a change in diet is a must. It’s now become a widely accepted fact that running for three hours on a treadmill doesn’t cut your waist size if you go celebrate with a bowl of ice-cream and a whole pizza. Below are a few websites I’ve found that help you keep an eye on the caloric content of your foods and choose healthy alternatives to compliment your workout regimen.

Before you start picking out your grocery list, you need to get a grasp of how much work it takes to lose a pound of fat. This link will take you to a page that estimates the time required to lose a pound of body fat doing different activities. Keep in mind it takes 3,500 calories to lose one pound of fat. Also, remember that working out also speeds up your metabolism, and merely changing your diet to incorporate more healthy foods means you’ll lose weight as well.

This website can be used as a quick reference to find the amounts of calories in certain grams and ounces of foods.  Want peanut butter and crackers? Double check the calories in spoonful of peanut butter; it may change your mind.


This is a basic list of healthy, easy to find foods to incorporate into your diet. Combine with the link below to create a plethora of diverse recipes.


This nifty site lets you check what’s in your fridge and pantry, then gives you recipes using the ingredients you have. This is great when your pantry is depressingly empty, and keeps you from running back and forth to the store.


Can’t decide between pancakes and waffles? This website lets you enter the name of two different foods and compare and contrast their nutrition factors. Let’s just say I’ll be eating pancakes from now on…

Have any favorite healthy recipes? Leave them below!


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