While fireworks are banned inside Lubbock city limits, Lubbock Police want to remind the public when it's appropriate to dial 911 in reference to fireworks.

The LPD has received more than 120 firework-related calls since June 26. Lubbock Police Department Lieutenant Ray Mendoza told KAMC news that the 911 lines need to remain open for emergency situations.

"911 is specifically reserved for emergencies, and so it really ties them up when we're getting the fireworks calls on that channel or that telephone line," Mendoza said.

Emergency calls that warrant calling 911 in reference to fireworks are if somebody gets injured, sets off homemade fireworks, or if  a fire is started as the result of fireworks.

Mendoza also added for noise complaints or other instances, call the city's non-emergency number at (806)775-2865.

{Via Everything Lubbock}