Lubbockites need to be especially conservative with water for the next week. Power lines to the Bailey County Well Field were damaged in a wildfire, lowering the well field’s output capabilities. Repair workers are currently working to fix the fire damage, however they are having to travel through sand to reach the damaged power lines. Crews are working to have the poles repaired by the end of next week.

The Bailey County Well Field normally supplies Lubbock with around 40 million gallons of water daily. Since the fire, Lubbock is now only receiving around 29 million gallons of water. Officials say that Lubbock is not in direct danger of falling short of the water demand, however if another major event happens, such as a spike in usage or a pipe breakage, stricter drought restrictions could be enforced. This would include restrictions limiting landscape watering and prohibiting washing down hard surfaces such as sidewalks with water.