His tractor hit an 18-inch irrigation pipe that angered the bees inside.

The report from KVUE says third generation farmer Rogerio Zuniga was on his tractor Sunday when when he struck pipe. According to the San Benito Fire Department, Zuniga jumped off his tractor and ran 100 yards before he collapsed in the field from bee stings.

Zuninga's sister Lisa told KGBT says he had "gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically." His family finally noticed him when they saw the tractor was abandoned. They later found his body covered with bees.

The fire department found 15 to 20 feet of honeycomb inside the pipe. An exterminator was called to clean up the bees that were very aggressive.

The report says it took crews four hours to clean up as they continued to be swarmed by the angry bees.