On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News Peter Buffett, son of multimillionaire investor Warren Buffett, talked with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about his upcoming appearance at Texas Tech University.

Buffet will be speaking and performing on Friday, February 8th at 7:00 PM at the Allen Theater at Texas Tech University, as part of their Presidential Lecture and Performance Series. He said that the lecture will focus on how to find your own individual path to success in life. Buffett also said that he'd like to help dispel the stereotypes that comes from being the son of a billionaire.

"Of course, there are many different versions of sons and daughters of billionaires, I'm sure. But I find that the show resonates so much because ultimately we all get up in the morning and we put our socks on and we do our thing. And that's what I'm reminding people of, that [success] is not just some rarefied place unless some billionaire makes it that way, and then they're probably just jerks, frankly.

Buffett also talked about his anti-violence against women campaign, and his efforts against human trafficking. He also spoke about his book, "Life Is What You Make It."

Tickets for Buffett's performance are $15 and available through Select-a-Seat Lubbock. For more information on the performance and to purchase tickets, visit events.ttu.edu.