Last Thursday, Facebook held its 4th annual f8 Developers' Conference, where the Facebook developers get together and reveal all the new features that will be coming to the social networking giant. This year, you can expect to see some pretty massive changes to the site, both in how the site operates and how it looks. Here's a look at the coming changes Facebook has planned:

The Ticker

On the upper right corner of your screen, you may notice a small list-like box. This is one of the new features, the "Ticker." The Ticker lets you see what your friends are up to in real time. In other words, anytime your friends make a status update, like something on Facebook, comment on a story, or anything else, it will appear in this box instead of all over your home page. This feature was unveiled to the public last week.

The Top Stories

So what's going to appear on your home page instead? From the looks of things, your home page will now feature "Top Stories,"  stories that Facebook thinks you will be most interested in. For example, stories from the people you interact with the most, stories that get a lot of views, and other major topics will now be "Top Stories." This feature has actually been a part of Facebook for a while now,but is now becoming a more prominent feature.

The Timeline

Probably the biggest change coming to Facebook will be the new "Timeline" feature. This will, effectively, replace your Profile page with a kind of interactive scrapbook. Anything that you've posted on Facebook, status updates, photos, job history, marital status changes, whatever you may have posted will show up here in an ordered, visual timeline. And like your regular Profile page, you'll have some control as to what will appear on your Timeline. The Timeline will go into effect on September 30th.

The Price?

Now, with all these changes, there are also more than few rumors swirling around that Facebook will now start charging for their services. Well, don't believe it. As it says on Facebook's own front page: "It's free and always will be." So if you see a message in all capital letters warning you to post this message or Facebook will start charging you, just ignore it. All these changes are coming free of charge.