Who owns Facebook? You would think that the creator of the social networking giant would have all the rights to ownership, but someone else has stepped forward claiming that he's the real owner of Facebook.

Paul Cegila of New York, has brought a lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, claiming that he has partial ownership over the company. Cegila's argument comes from a 2003 contract that allegedly shows Cegila agreed to invest $1,000 in Zuckerberg's Facebook project, as long as Cegila could have half of the project when it expanded. But now, recent evidence suggests that the contract is an "outright fabrication.

Doesn't this sounds like what happens when somebody wins the lottery and the relatives start coming out of nowhere claiming they deserve part of the winnings? With Facebook being valued at nearly $50 billion, it's no surprise that somebody would want a part in its success. But regardless of whether this guy really had a contract or not, there's no way he's getting half of Facebook.