So I went to check my Facebook this morning, as I usually do when I wake up, and I was greeted with a slewful of new changes to my home page.

Facebook had once again made some big changes to its site in advance of its big f8 developers conference on Thursday. Some of the more notable changes include a "top story" function that shows you the most relevant stories about your friends, larger photos, and a live news feed in the top-right corner that lets you know what your friends are up to.

I wish they would just leave Facebook alone. It seems that just as soon as I get used to the current changes and layout, they decide to turn everything on its head and I have to re-learn how to do everything. I personally don't see the need for all these changes, it's just confusing and kind of annoying. (though I will admit it'll be nice to not have Facebook filling up my inbox whenever someone comments on something.)

Facebook isn't the only one to have made some changes this week. Google+, which became open to the public this week, also added some new features. The "Hangouts" feature, which allows users to video chat with multiple users, is now available on tablets and mobile devices, and Google's signature search engine has been incorporated into the site.

I'll bring you more on Facebook's changes in next week's edition of the Geek Girl Report.