This morning on LFN, Rep. Charles Perry again said that he doesn't support expanding gambling in Texas. One of the reasons he gave was because he doesn't think it will bring in that much revenue. Fair enough. I understand that argument and to a certain extent, I agree.

We won't be able to fund education through more gambling. However, the state could still bring in revenue and does it really matter how much revenue they bring in? Money is money and right now in Texas needs any help it can get. I'm not a fan at all of only funding a department through money raised by gambling, but I do think you could put it in a general fund.

According to the latest University of Texas-Texas Tribune Poll, 56% of Texans are in favor of expanding gambling. 12% favor expanding gambling where it's already at. Only 8% of Texans don't like it at all, and 11% favor leaving it like it is.

It seems as though our elected officials aren't hearing what the people of Texas want. We already have different forms of gambling, so what is the difference in casinos or video poker?

There are many elected officials who are against this. Gov. Rick Perry being the top. Why is he against it? Not real sure, but it's something that has annoyed me about him for a while. He talks about personal freedom and personal responsibility, but when it comes to building a casino, the state must protect us. By the way, Bill White wasn't for it either. So this is sort of a bi-partisan deal.

If it's a religious deal, I understand and I have a solution. You don't have to go. Let people have the freedom and choice to do what they want. Casinos are just another form of entertainment and it's time that people understand that.

It's time we stop losing money to all the states around Texas that allow expanded gambling. We need to keep that money here in Texas. If you don't want to go to a casino, don't go. There are many responsible adult Texans that do want to go to a casino though, why hold them back?

It's time to stop being close-minded about gambling in Texas.