UPDATE 2:45p, May 9, 2013

The Hazmat team at the scene of the leak has begun transfer of the Hydrogen Chloride from the leaking cylinder to another cylinder. The Lubbock Fire Department will issue further status updates later today.


A Hazmat team from Dallas is continuing to work on containing and cleaning up a chemical leak in North Lubbock.

The hydrogen chloride, leaking from a tank being transported on a trailer, was discovered around 7:30p Wednesday night at the Bayer Crop Science facility in the 100 Block of Erskine Street.

An evacuation order was issued around Midnight for parts of North Lubbock, including a portion of the Guadalupe Neighborhood. About 20 residences and 100 people are currently affected by the order.

Lubbock Fire Department

The evacuation area (pictured, left) is a triangle with the northern point being Erskine Street near North Ash Avenue. The eastern edge of the triangle goes south to the Marsha Sharp Freeway, encompassing Mackenzie Park. The southern boundary of the evacuation area goes along the Marsha Sharp Freeway moving west to Avenue L. The southern portion of the Guadalupe Neighborhood was evacuated, going north to Baylor Street.

The Flying J truck stop located on Interstate 27 was evacuated last night when the order was issued.

No one was injured in the incident and the Salvation Army opened up their main shelter at 16th Street and Avenue J for those affected by the evacuation order.

Also, the Guadalupe Early Learning Center and Guadalupe Elementary School are closed today due to the evacuation.

Lubbock Fire Department officials are expected to provide another information briefing this evening.