Tuesday on Lubbock's First News, Dwayne Stovall (pictured), candidate for US Senate, spoke with Tom and Laura about the alleged violation of a campaign finance law by the Steve Stockman campaign. Stockman is also running for a seat in the Senate.

Stovall said mailers were sent out by the Center for American Future, to which Stockman stated he had no connection. However, after a further look into the public website of CAF, it was observed that the webpage offered an open link to donors to the Stockman campaign. The list included all donors' personal information and credit card numbers. Stovall believes Stockman is related to the group, and has submitted the data to the FEC for further review. The website is now completely shut down.

He recalled that Stockman was fined for "the exact same behavior." Stovall said Stockman's campaign is "riddled with people who've had judgements against them for manipulating voting behavior." He explained this is problematic because it means citizens may be donating money to groups that may just be collecting money, rather than doing anything with it.

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