Here are just a few things in Chad’s Pile that you will hear on Lubbock’s First News this morning. Give Chad your feedback on the steaming topics.

1. Drones over Texas (link)

In a few weeks, the Montgomery County Sheriff's office will launch an unmanned drone in order to help fight crime. The drone, a ShadowHawk helicopter, weighs about fifty pounds and at only six-feet long can fit in the back of an SUV. It's flown by using a laptop and a remote control that is similar to a video game. The ACLU is against the use of drones, but law enforcement agencies are big fans.

The ACLU is concerned that technology used by law enforcement officials in general is getting ahead of people’s privacy. No one has complained to the ACLU about the Montgomery County helicopter, but some fear it could be used to spy on people.

“The Constitution spells out very clearly that we have a right to privacy, ” Burke said.

“This sheriff’s office has better things to do with its time then spy on people, ” McDaniel argued. "That’s not our mission. The only way that it’s going to be an invasion of their privacy is if they are committing some type of a criminal act where we might utilize this to catch them.”

I wonder how long until we get one in Lubbock. You know we will. What do you think? Would you oppose LPD getting a drone?

2. Immigration status (link)

You had better be a U.S. citizen if you want to hear Governor Perry speak. The Perry campaign made sure all attendees at a recent New Hampshire Town Hall Forum were citizens.

People attending a Rick Perry event in Manchester, New Hampshire on Wednesday were asked if they were U.S. citizens.

Each reporter and attendee upon arrival at the Granite State Manufacturing building had their ID’s checked. The company handles defense contracts for the government.

At the event, the Texas governor toured the facility and then touted job creation in his home state. Perry put the economic blame squarely on Washington and says it’s time for change.

Interesting. Perry trying to look tough on immigration isn't too surprising, but making sure everyone was legal at a campaign stop? Come on.

3. Wear your luggage! (link)

Here is a new way to beat the bag fee. Just wear your luggage!

"I seen so many people getting upset, too much pounds, too heavy, couldn't afford to pay it," says Power during an interview at Tampa International. "And hence, Jaktogo came to life."

In one form, Jaktogo is a tote-bag, but with a few quick rips of Velcro, it transforms into a jacket.

It's a jacket with not much style, "not a fashion plate", Power says while putting the jacket on. However, it's a jacket with plenty of pockets--14 of them.

"My underwear, trousers, shirts," says Power opening up a few of the pockets.

So the Jaktogo stuffed with clothes does look silly, but Power recommends you wear it only a few minutes, when you're boarding the plane.  At other times, especially when you're going through security, it should be in bag form and of course any prohibited item can't be packed inside.

It might look silly, but why not?

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