On Wednesday's edition of Lubbock's First News, Yolanda Carranco with Dr. Job Buschman's office and patient Jim Craddick spoke with Tom Collins and Laura Mac about an upcoming seminar.

Dr. Buschman will be hosting a lab-band seminar tomorrow night at his office, where people can find out what the lap-band procedure entails and ask questions about the procedure. Craddick started the lap-band procedure in September 2012, and to date has lost over 100 pounds. He said that since starting the procedure, he has had more confidence and energy, and that the additional health problems he had been suffering with, like knee and joint injuries, are gone now. However, Craddick added the the lap-band procedure is not a instant cure; it's only a tool that helps people lose weight, and that patients still have to work at losing the weight.

Carranco said that the seminar will be held tomorrow night at 6:30 PM at Dr. Job Buschman's office, located at 3508 22nd Place. Admission to the seminar is free. For more information, call Dr. Buschman's office at 806-799-7928.

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