Dr. Job Buschman, M.D. and his client Marylin McIntyre spoke with Toma and Laura about the successful effects of lap band weight loss surgery and a free upcoming seminar that is open to the public.

The seminar will take place Monday at 6:00 pm at 3508 22nd Place, in the main lobby of office SWAT Sergical Association. The seminar will feature information on various weight loss strategies. It will also describe five different types of surgical strategies that are currently popular, including lap band surgeries. Weight loss surgeries create early satiety after eating small meal so that the individual feels full more quickly, resulting in a smaller diet. Lap band surgery involves the stretching of the stomach to send signal to brain that one is full.

Although all surgical procedures involve risks, Buschman stated the lap band surgery is the safest surgical weight loss procedure, with the least complications. The lap band is instantly adjustable and can be used for years. Marylin McIntyre has used the lap band for three years. She observed a weight loss of about 50 pounds, since seeking information on the surgery. She said, "this is probably one of the best things I have done for my health."

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