Lubbock newspaper columnist and ophthalmologist Dr. Donald May officially kicked off his campaign for the 19th Congressional District of Texas on Thursday.  May will run in the March Republican Primary against incumbent, Congressman Randy Neugebauer.

In his announcement at Texas Tech, May said, "I'm standing here today because like many of you I'm concerned with the direction our country has taken. I'm concerned about the outrageous growth in the size of our government. I'm concerned about our skyrocketing national debt, which will constrain our liberty and impede our prosperity and national security."

In his 20-minute announcement speech, May said the Republican Party needs more leaders like Ted Cruz, "We've elected good people like (Sen.) Ted Cruz, (Rep.) Marco Rubio, (Sen.) Rand Paul, (Rep.) Louie Gohmert.," May said. "These are young, intelligent, articulate, highly energetic leaders. They are starting to make a difference. We need more men and women like these people. We need people who will stand up for our Constitution.

"It's not enough just to cast a conservative vote. We need people in our House and Senate who have courage; courage to stand up to the evil that has descended upon our country."

As far as his opponent, Congressman Randy Neugebauer, Dr. May said, "The thing that differentiates me is that I understand the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and that you have seen me in 2,150 consecutive columns address and confront The Left. And you have seen commentators in there (online), I mean they are not necessarily nice people, just like the people in Washington, D.C.