The race for District 19's congressional seat just got a little slimmer. 

Don Parrish told KCBD Friday that he would no longer be running for the District 19 seat, citing a potential run-off as a reason. Parrish said that he would be lending his support to District 19 congressional candidate Col. Michael Bob Starr.

Starr has appeared numerous times on KFYO's The Chad Hasty Show to discuss his campaign, most recently saying that he's not beholden to PAC donors and criticizing Pres. Obama for making the U.S.'s southern border a "gateway for terrorists and criminals."

Current District 19 representative Randy Neugebauer announced in September that he would not seek re-election in 2016.

Starr has issued a statement regarding Parrish's decision to exit the race and support him:

Today, Don Parrish announced that he is suspending his campaign for Congress and endorsing my candidacy. While I am very surprised by the news, I am also incredibly honored to have his support. Don is a fine man and he has poured his heart and sole [SIC] into this race over the last several months. He has my deep respect and admiration. He cares deeply about our country, West Texas, and our hard-working farmers and ranchers. I am proud to have him on our team, and I hope that I am fortunate enough to earn the support of more and more West Texans as we approach early voting.

Below: Don Parrish discusses his campaign in a video from Feb. 1, 2016