Many cities throughout the United States have dog parks where citizens can unleash their dog in a gated area and let them run and play. In most cities, these parks are close to Apartments because of the lack of a backyard for the dog to play in. Yesterday, the Parks board recommended Stumpy Hamilton Park as the area to host a possible dog park. So why the move yesterday? It's all part of a process in a nation-wide giveaway. Petsafe is giving $100,000 to the city that wins so that the city can build a dog park. Currently Lubbock is in the lead. According to a report:

Pet supply brand, PetSafe is hosting the 'Bark for your Park' contest. The contest will award $100,000 dollars to the winning city to put toward a doggy dreamland.

Kate Frye has been working with city leaders for quite some time to bring a dog park to Lubbock. She says the contest opens up the door to speed up the process.

"This PetSafe contest came about and now we possibly have an area that we could win the money that we needed," Frye said.

Frye believes a dog park is exactly what Lubbock has been lacking.

"It is so important for the community to have a place and for dog owners to have an area that's off leash where they can run and jump and play with other dogs," Frye said.

Working to beat the June 15th deadline, the parks board recommended Stumpy Hamilton Park to host the puppy playground. Director of Parks and Recreation Randy Truesdell says the location has existing amenities.

"We feel the dog park can be constructed at Stumpy Hamilton Park for less than $100,000 dollars. There's existing irrigation, we'll have to modify that some. There's existing parking, there's existing shade trees, turf, trash containers, security lighting - a lot of infrastructure in place that we don't have to spend money on," Truesdell said.

You can get more information here. So what do you think? Does Lubbock need a dog park?